Every Real Illusion diamond carries the same beauty and authenticity as mined diamonds; it has the very same chemical composition, physical properties, and optical appeal as natural diamonds, but what makes our diamonds more beautiful is the fact that they caused no harm to anything or anyone while being born.

More affordable and just as attractive as mined diamonds, Real Illusion diamonds are the very future of jewellery manufacture.

Get to Know Our Diamonds Better

The 4 Cs of Real Illusion diamonds
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At Real Illusion, we create diamonds of various cuts:


The most loved cuts born of the most advanced process.


Our labs produce diamonds ranging in size from 0.5 carats to 5 carats. A range that’s as exquisite as the wearers it is meant for.

0.5 Carats
5 Carats


Lab-grown diamonds allow for better colouring. This is why we’re able to create diamonds ranging in colour grade from D all the way to I. It’s all possible at Real Illusion.


IF, VVS, VS, and SI Real Illusion creates diamonds of varying clarity. Sheer brilliance is a guarantee.

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The Feeling of

Real Illusion Diamonds

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