Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

The better question to ask is why not.

No outrageous

No Excess
Carbon Emissions


No child

No locals

No groundwater

No wildlife

No mining

No conflicts

How are lab-grown diamonds born?

There’s a unique process behind every 'real illusion'.

Born of chemical vapour deposition (CVD), Real Illusion diamonds endure heat, not pressure, to emerge as brilliantly as they do. This process ensures zero chemical inclusions and other impurities.

The result? Diamonds more superior than those born of the HPHT process.

Today, India is the world’s greatest producer and supplier of CVD diamonds, and we, at Real Illusion, are leading this wind of change.

At the core of our diamond-making process is a love for the environment and respect for humankind.

So when you buy or trade in Real Illusion diamonds, you say yes to a brighter tomorrow.

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Expert Diamond Manufacture. Certified.

Every Real illusion diamond is either GIA or IGI certified line. So it’s safe to say that a Real Illusion diamond is the right choice to make no matter which part of the globe you hail from.